Conserva Gourmet is the official delicatessen and gourmet products shop of the well-known Brand Conservas de Cambados. In it, you can discover the taste of the best seafood and fish preserves in all of Galicia. You will not be able to resist the exquisite taste of the most desired gourmet products of the Galician Rias: mussels, artisan tuna preserves, clams, razors, cuttlefish, sardines, the essential Galician octopus and a wide variety of goods.

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RESPONSABLE: CONSERVAS DE CAMBADOS S.L. Lg de Porto, s/n - Barrantes 36636 | Ribadumia (Pontevedra) Atención al consumidor: +34 986 745 405 Fax: +34 986 745 507

About us

Conservas de Cambados was founded in 1985; it is located in the northwest of Spain, in Galicia.

Here you will find the "Ría de Arousa" famous not only for its size, but also for the marine wealth that exists in it, favoring the cultivation of bivalves such as clams or cockles and mollusks such as mussels grown in floating nurseries called "bateas”.  Precisely from our Rías comes the best raw material that we select carefully to bring to your table the most select and artisan preserves.

Conservas de Cambados manages the entire production and marketing process, from entering a batch of shellfish or fish in the plant to labelling, packaging and subsequent shipment to both national and international customers.

We have a quality policy that focuses on obtaining customer satisfaction, always remaining attentive to meet their expectations and offering products of the highest quality and with all guarantees.

Our products are present in international markets such as France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, USA, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico ... These are some of the countries that already taste the/our products.

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