Galician Stew (2-3 Portions)

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INGREDIENTS: Chickpeas (23.5%), pork shoulder (21%), natural broth (pork shoulder cooking water) (17.7%), turnip greens (10.3%), potatos (10.3%), chorizo ​​(lean pork , paprika, garlic, salt and natural pork gut casing) (7.5%), salt-cured pork ear (6.2%) and pork bacon (3.5%).


This product is ready to be consumed.

Yoy can simply choose any of the following options:

1. Put the content of the can into a microwave resistant bowl and heat it up in the microwave oven.

2. Put the content of the can into a frying pan or equivalent  and heat it up the traditional way.

3. Heat up the content of the can through a double boiler (bain-Marie) method.


Formato: RO-1.800 
Capacidad: 2-3 Portions
Peso neto: 1.800g.

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